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Many users have expressed their opinion on their satisfying experience with Protagonist. Feel free to read the randomly selected opinions by satisfied users who have confirmed the effectiveness of Protagonist and allowed us to publish their experience.

What has really changed by using PROTAGONIST, is the reduction of cellulite, the shape, the strength and the firmness of my lower body. I don't think I look too much different in clothing, but I do know I look different with no clothing, even if I'm still pretty much the same size. It is never too late to try this serum and I'm living proof!

I have been using Protagonist for 10 days and I have already begun to see results. I am really glad I have found a product that actually does what it claims to. I have continued my exercise regimen that I was doing before I started using your product, but I can certainly tell a difference in the cellulite of my legs and rear now in comparison to before I started using Protagonist. Thanks for a great product!

I have been using your product for a little over two months and I love how smooth and soft my skin feels. I can see how toned my skin looks. There are a lot less dimples on my thighs and buttocks. Well, in only 3 weeks I noticed a wonderful difference as did my husband! After two months of use, I now have a bottom that I don't have to be ashamed to put in a swimsuit, THANK YOU!

I have been using PROTAGONIST since February and I can see a tremendous reduction in dimples. Last year I switched to a different brand and was not as pleased with it's results. Swimsuit season is approaching and I am now placing my second order of PROTAGONIST. I expect the results will be even better!

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