The first single celled microorganism came to life in the warm marine environment. Seawater provided minerals and oxygen for the delicate first life to flourish. Over the past millennia countless living organisms have evolved. Minerals contained in cellular fluids, which are indispensable to all life, remain the only common denominator to all organisms to this day. More than 3000 years ago, the minerals found in the saltpans located in Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, have been reported by the Phoenician civilization to offer extraordinary cosmetic value. Benedictine Monks discovered that, the secret appears to be the particularly high concentration of minerals in the enriched brine found in the saltpans.

This remarkable 100% natural mineral-enriched brine is not only known for enhancing beauty but also for curing psoriasis, eczema, acne, helps reinforce the skin's natural protective function and a variety of other skin conditions. Minerals play a very important role in hydration; increasing the metabolic rate, and ensuring the normal functioning of skin. Five years of research were necessary for Kenkai Biologists to extract this active minerals in extremly pure concentrate through organic traditional way. Finally, a true 100% natual active mineral elixir has been made. KENKAI products are a concentration of the most powerful healing essences of the sea; they leave your skin fresh, alive and silky with longlasting results.

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